10 Questions on Getting Married Abroad

So, you finally decided on getting married abroad... Right after saying yes, your heartbeat is increasing with all the possibilities, a rush of questions come to mind, "Is my mother going to faint because I am not inviting aunt Ivonne???". Well in reality, we don't know if your mother is going to be okay with auntie, but we can help you with the other stuff.

Here are the 10 Most Asked Questions about Getting Married Abroad:


Getting married abroad or at home?

The question everyone has always asked in the history of destination weddings - Should I get married abroad or at home? The answer is quite simple - I guess it depends on your expectations! Getting married abroad usually means less guests, an amazing location, and a wedding full of enhanced experiences. If traveling is your thing, or if you always dreamed about saying yes on a foreign city, marrying abroad is probably your cup of tea.

When considering getting married abroad or at home, you need to keep this in mind - wedding planning is hard regardless of the location. It's true that destination weddings have tricky logistics, but if you can provide a different experience to your guests, why not?


Do I need a wedding planner to get married abroad?

Well, it is always possible to organize any type of wedding by yourself. Nonetheless, if you want to keep your nerves down and your drinks up, it might be a better idea to hire someone with experience to do it for you!

First, destination wedding specialists know the right documentation you need to actually get married; Second, and probably most important, they know all local vendors that will allow you to save money, and to really deliver the most amazing experience for your wedding guests. Plus, and just as an amazing bonus (because we are all about that!) they incorporate traditional features giving an authentic vibe to your wedding, while also accommodating the culture and family background that you bring to their country.


How to plan getting married abroad?

We are always team bride! And let me tell you honey, wedding planning ain't easy. So, hear us out, the first step is finding a wedding planner! We know what you are going to say - too expensive, I want to do it myself, it is not worth it - but believe me, it really is! After the wedding planner is checked (check it!), you need to start thinking about your expectations for your wedding. Try to envision it, and give it a go with Pinterest boards! When the inspirations are set, comes the difficult task of budgeting. The rule is always to prioritize and to understand that if your budget is X, you are able to invite Y amount of guests. Choose wisely and speak to your WP to define what strategy is best. After that, let the wedding planner take the lead with venue options, fabric colors and others. Ride off to the sunset in style, not a care in the world!


What is the average cost of getting married abroad?

Like everything in life, cost has an intricate connection with quality and quantity. If you are a kind of <<less is more>> type of person, you are able to organize a quality destination wedding for 10 guests for 8.500€. Even less, if you do things really really... really simple.

With getting married abroad, the tricky thing is knowing where to spend your money. It is important to have a good location, maybe a private villa where your guests can stay, and then prioritize based on the type of wedding you always wanted to have. A destination wedding does not mean that you need to spend less money, or have less of everything. In reality, it is all about experience, and if you want to present your guests with experience, why not spend the same as you would in your country of origin?

Getting married abroad and having a party back home?

For couples that believe in family peace, this might be the best option to get your dream wedding and still maintaining family traditions. It also works for all your friends that were not able to go due to scheduling or money. Take a % of your wedding budget and apply it on your party back home. It will grant you socks on Christmas for eternity!


Do you pay for guests when getting married abroad?

It all comes down to budget! In our point of view, if you have the possibility of arranging for their accommodation and flights, go for it! If not, you can always look for tour options or arrange for a small welcome party, to let them know that you are happy they made the effort to come! Destination weddings are not cheap for family and friends, as they need to pay for it as a vacation, plus wedding gifts and regular wedding costs (hair, makeup, all the shenanigans!).


If I get married abroad is it legal?

If you are not an alien, the answer is yes! As for legal requirements, they depend on the country you are getting married in, and you also need to abide by the rules of your own country.

For example, if your intention is to get married in Portugal (amazing food, beautiful views, bla, bla, bla...), you need exactly the same requirements as portuguese citizens, plus a certificate of no impediment (CNI) from your country, that will make it legal for you to get married here.

What may also happen is that you might be able to get legally married at the destination, but your marriage might not be recognized as legal on you country of origin. This usually is the case for same-sex marriage, and countries where you are not allowed to marry specific family members or people under a certain age group.


Getting abroad and same-sex marriage?

Dear LGBTQ travelers, the world is progressing and legalization of same-sex marriage is finally a reality. So, if you are looking for a destination wedding as a way to officiate your marriage, there are 28 countries you can choose from.

It is important to mention that same-sex marriage might not be recognized in some countries, but same-sex partners might be granted the same rights due to registered partnerships being allowed.


Getting married abroad and Brexit?

Breath in...breath out...Relax!

Brexit may require more paperwork but it is not going to change the rules for your wedding to be legal when getting married abroad. There are no more implications than the ones previously existent, which is great news for the brits!

On the money side of things, it is definitely too early to predict if the Pound Sterling is going to decrease value or if flights are going up because of the Schengen Agreement not applying to the UK. Nonetheless, and because we like to be on the safe side, it is better to have a contingency plan in case you need to "upgrade" your destination wedding.

As for wedding gifts, if you are thinking of bringing back an enormous amount of wine, it might be a good idea to ask Mike to drink it instead. When arriving at the customs, you will be allowed a certain amount of alcohol and tobacco items, which means that you pay extra for your extras.

In conclusion, if you are team Brit, EU're always invited.


What to do after getting married abroad?

If you just got married abroad and are wondering "what now?", it is recommended that you follow the steps. If you got married in a EU country different from your residency, you should register your marriage at your home country's consular office. If you got married outside of the EU, specifically in the US, it is recommended that you authenticate your foreign marriage license with consular offices. Inquiries regarding the validity of a marriage certificate need to be directed to an attorney general of your state residency.


And that is it!

You officially know everything that is to know about going away for your white wedding. Are you feeling vibrant? Already day dreaming about that piña colada at the end of the aisle!? Good, that is exactly the spirit of destination weddings!

In case you need any help, we are here for you!



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