Including Mr. doggo in your wedding day

“Who's a good boy? Yes you are! The best mr. doggo in town!”

We know, we know… Imagine if Oscar wasn’t there, on the biggest day of your life?! You need that puppy love throughout all the stress you’ll be having when mom starts laughing nonstop over one glass of wine. Can’t go through all of that without your baby! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Put that drink down and take notes on all the ways to include your pet on your wedding day:

@Maggie Loves Orbit

Oscar, the Receptionist

If you want to have your guest’s “awww” when they arrive at your wedding, look no more! Hire your pet as your pretty receptionist as he will be the host every guest will smile upon.

@Delaney Dawson

Oscar, the Best Man

For the couples who are set upon doing a non-traditional wedding, we actually have the funniest and most heart-warming idea for you - ask Oscar to be your Best Man, since he already is your BFF! I’m sure he will figure out how to make you the best Bachelorette party ever.

@Roberto Nickson

Oscar, the Good Flower Boy

What about a good boy who is also the flower prince? Attach a little container filled with flowers on the back of your pet, and watch as they fall down the aisle as he walks. If you want to include a toddler on this, you can also send him walking alongside your pet. We can only imagine the cute pics!

Oscar, the Ring bearer

Who better to walk down the aisle escorting your wedding rings?! Your pet could be the one making a pretty cute walk wearing a pretty dress or a fancy suit! #memorable

@Maggie Loves Orbit

Oscar, the Decoration King

Having little decor details on your wedding is the key – but you don’t want to overdo it. And what better way to do this than with the help of your pet’s stylish looks? Incorporate your baby on your party including him on unexpected decoration deets!

@Shot by Ireland

Oscar, the Model

We already know you have a whole portfolio filled with pictures of you and your little prince, but hear us out - Your big day demands that you take a lot of pictures but they won’t be as special if Oscar isn’t there! So you know what you’ll have to do, dress him up and make him do his best faces on all the photography moments – preparations, post ceremony and even cake cutting. And don’t worry, of course he will outshine you! (they always do!)

Oscar, the Videographer

Ahhh, new technologies… Ahhh, the possibilities…

Have you ever heard about GoPros? Nowadays there are a lot of cameras you can attach to your best friend’s collar and make them film the entire wedding for you! Are you interested in how your pet sees you and his insight on your day? Even if he only films the cookies and cakes he will be dying to taste, we are sure it will be some pretty good looking food!

@Charles PH

Oscar, the Stationery Beast

Another good way of having Oscar on your big day without actually having him there, is through the stationery elements. You can have your wedding invites, save the dates and all of that inspired by your pet’s cuteness.

@Kristina Petrick

Oscar, the Dancer

Paws the music! It’s time for Oscar to put on his dancing shoes! What better way have you got to open the dancefloor? Share the first dance with your pet and make sure all your guests go home with a pretty unforgettable experience!

@Erda Estremera

Oscar, the Cake Topper

Greatest way to top it all? Have your pet as the cake topper! Either make cute little toys with the newlyweds and their baby, or let the cake attention be all for Oscar’s pretty face. You will love it and so will your guests!


Daaamn, Oscar! You sure are a multitalented puppy!

But all multitalented puppies need to rest and have their free time, so be sure you hire a pet sitter to take care of your pet on this day – because you probably won’t be able to!

Now that you have all these cute and pretty funny ideas, take advantage of them and be sure to send us the photos of Oscar when he walks down the aisle ;)

In case you need any help, we are here for you!



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