How to spice up your wedding food!

As we lean towards the planning of your dream wedding, most couples realize they don’t want to have a typical day. Nowadays we all want freshness and creativity, a wedding we can never forget!

TRUST US – that are a lot of different ways to have a unique wedding. But what better way, than to spice up your wedding food?!

With that being said, we know it’s not as easy as it seems… Creativity doesn’t grow on trees! So, to help you with that, we selected a few different ways to stand out by having the best food ideas:

Wedding cake

Why not spice your wedding cake up?

We have some options:


The "Cheese cake"

Ever heard of a wheel cheese cake? Yup, it’s exactly what you are thinking – wheels of cheese stacked up in the form of a cake. This one is for the savoury lovers!

Also, the aesthetic - we love it!


Cutting the cake is a turn off for you? Look no further – a cake made out of cupcakes. Everybody gets theirs!

Also, it might be the cutest wedding cake you will ever see. This may come as a shock to you, but cupcakes really win the cutest award.


We have never ever heard of a person in their right mind who doesn’t love doughnuts, and that’s why this option is so popular. Right now, doghnuts are used a lot at weddings, but are they usually used as a wedding cake?

You get a doughnut, and you get a doughnut, everybody gets a doughnut!



Macaroons are a vibe right now – and we are really digging it!

You can have them in whatever colour and taste you desire - whatever floats your boat. Just know your wedding cake will actually resemble a museum worthy masterpiece.

In style or not, they are here to stay – and slay.

And what about a pretty wedding cake they make!

"Make your own" bar

DIY (Do It Yourself) bars are actually really in right now. That’s because these “make your own” bars are a great way of making your guests mingle and each side of the family to get to know the other a little bit better – they are a great way of breaking the ice and are actually really fun!

Here we have some ideas for your bars:

Grilled cheese

Bring your childhood memories back, and that warmth in your belly too – grilled cheese sandwiches are everybody’s favourites and you are never too old for them!


Tacos are always fun and customizing your own makes it 10 times “funnier”! This way you can actually REALLY spice up your wedding food. Like literally.



S’mores can never go wrong, and is there any other more enjoyable way of having a s’more, than when we are making it?! We don’t think so…

Ice cream

And if we have an option for the winter… We have an option for summer! Who doesn’t love ice creams?! This one will have cousin Theo talking about your wedding for the next couple of years – a child’s favourite.


Hot chocolate

Winter is coming! And so is the hot chocolate… This one is for the chillier weddings – if you are getting married in the Winter this one is a great option. Can you even imagine having an hot chocolate to warm the soul and then have a dance contest to warm your feet?!


Because we keep up with the times, why not try a brunch type of wedding? Brunches are the It girls’ favourites – and are a great way of spicing things up. Have you ever had brunch at a wedding?!

There is actually no wrong way of doing this.

Pancakes with some maple syrup or Nutella, some oatmeal with strawberries, bacon & eggs… We really wouldn’t mind it. Like… at all.


Carnival stand

When talking about carnival stands, the kids immediately stand up – but the adults do too!

Who doesn’t love a greasy churro?! There’s nothing quite like it…

We even suggest having a prize station with some carnival games and whoever wins them, can have some popcorns, cotton candy, or even some caramelized apples.

Wait - why am I drooling right now?!

Chef stations

If you like some live action, chef stations are the best!

Not only is the food made right there in the moment, but the act also makes some pretty interesting entertainment times.

You can be sure you will not see any guests on their phone when the chef is making his moves!


Portuguese olive oil station

Now if you are having a destination wedding, we have one more suggestion for you – have your guests try some of the traditional foods of your destination.

This will be very interesting for the guests, who can actually try some of the flavours of the place they are in!

Here in Portugal we can suggest you doing a Portuguese olive oil station – We promise our olive oil is to die for!


But not only of food is a wedding made, so we have some options for your wedding drinks:


Jello shots

We know jello shots are very frat material, but why not?! Everybody deserves some fun.

You can even give it some twist, like having some wine jello shots – oooh, that’s fancy!

Popsicle cocktails

Everybody loves cocktails, but they may be boring for some, so we say: Popsicle cocktails!

A twist on the grown ups drink, with a pop of the child that lives in all of us: ice cream.

But make it elegant and gourmet! You can even have it with champagne. That’s pretty luxurious.

And now, little grasshopper, you are ready to finally be a true wedding food "spicer upper". Fly little bird, fly!

In case you need any help, we are here for you!



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