destination wedding in portugal

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c o n c e p t

  You've got 99 problems but wedding planning ain't one!

   We cocktailed a complete solution, tailor-made to your needs, whether you’re having a considerable-sized wedding or a cosier option. Is it too good to be true? In reality, no.

   From taking care of wedding venues to being with you every step of the way, we really do it all - even the tiresome details, such as legal consultation. Plus, when your wedding day comes, we’ll be there to smooth things out allowing for a stress-free day. So, shall we get to it?

   Let’s face it, you want that Pinterest look for your wedding! 

   That's what makes Decor so great - it provides you with a team that will create an exclusive and original ambiance for your day. With your ideas in mind, our team will present a proposal with a tailor-made concept attached to all of the budgeting to make it happen. 

   On the day of the wedding, our team will coordinate with vendors to arrange and display all of the decoration that will make your guests go crazy!

d e c o r
d e s i g n

   Are you bored with the same old wedding invitations? So are we!

   That's why we have created a design solution that crafts all your stationery according to the concept of your wedding day.

   First, we have a meeting to understand what is the history behind the wedding. Afterwards, our team will present a proposal that gives you the freedom to do adjustments or to just say YES!