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Our foundation is built upon a first meeting to discuss the inspiration and concept, expectations and needs for the actual event or multi-day celebration. Our team will then establish a narrative based on our clients' vision and heritage, defining the key-factors that will be taken in consideration upon creating the base for the wedding process.

With a close relationship, we collaborate and accommodate our client's level of participation while delivering attentive consultancy throughout. To facilitate all undertakings, we have developed a set of management tools (as checklists, budget documents, mood boards and others), allowing for our clients to feel safe and updated. Additionally, we focus on the experience part of not only the event, but the actual planning process. From the moment we greet you at our doorstep, our team is determined to indulge you with curious surprises while delivering distinctive ideas and solutions for your celebration.

Moreover, when conceptualizing an event we think of how things start, how guests engage, what would be their experience even before arriving at the hotel. And when thinking of the phases of a celebration, we consider how things taste, how they smell, how families move from one room to the otherhow friends savor the moment while listening to one specific sound. We hold guest experience close to our hearts, crafting beautiful and wistful moments throughout our client and their guests' stay. From beginning to end, your expectations should be surpassed, furthermore we can only guarantee a sense of fulfillment if we create and shape a unique experience in all respects.

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