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We harness culture and creativity. Forever on a quest for effortless indulgence, our essence resides in Portugal, where living is slow and life is organically beautiful.

We believe that creating inspired events requires time, curiosity and a trace of euphoria. Inspiration resides in the simple and sensorial, as does refinement in the effortless and authentic - and this is the core of all our curation. We are artisans of joie de vivre.



With extensive know-how in brand design and luxury events, Marta is the disruptive mind behind T A L E S creative atelier. Her eye for subtle details allows for an organic perception of the distinctive, directly intertwined with the authentically-curated events she organizes. Her aesthetic is uncluttered, effortless yet sophisticated, and her inspiration comes from motion and cadence, light rushing through the windows, sound and art. When organizing large-scale or intimate gatherings, she focuses on building long-lasting relationships with her clients, creating adventurous and refreshing multi-day celebrations. She is a problem-solver, creator and doer accompanied by an engaging sense of humour. She also loves a good party aside from being a terrible dancer.

Madalena delights in the organization process, while planning and structuring the perfect approach to task management. She has a natural sense for organization, and she is a perfectionist when it comes to the most horrid of DYI projects. She is always content, as nothing seems to ever faze her, or her joyful happiness. Calm and collected, she is a gentle force of nature, while being fast-paced when in comes to decision-making. She is also an unbelievable searcher of vendors, opportunities, new ideas, and new ways of doing things better, but her best and most important quality is that she always knows where Marta leaves her handbag, which shows that she is able to solve even the most difficult of situations.  

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Inês is someone who finds joy in the simple things in life. She is recognized by her meticulous close to OCD-ish level of planning that grants her an incomparable level of logistical excellence. Having a Masters in Clinical Psychology allows her to bear unconditional empathy which is, for more than one reason, the utmost essential asset that a wedding planner has the fortune of enclosing. Her insights on the essence of our clients concede us with an unparalleled perception of their identity, which later translates into enhanced and impassioned event experiences. She is observant, laser-focused, always making lists of all the lists she needs to make.

Known for her grand, intentional approach to life, Teresa encompasses an inconceivable measure of multi-tasking ability. She encloses inspiration in all things, producing projects and bringing them forward at a fast, almost unimaginable, rate. Full of charm and a charismatic approach to relations, she makes the planning and coordination process effortless, connecting the dots between tasks and doers. She glances at opportunities in everything, constructing narratives that adorn our competence to think forward and to complement our design progresses. Hungry for knowledge and the constant feeling of being able to do better, she is a mother of two beautiful boys and that grants her the best momma-spidey senses in the wedding industry.

Awards & Publications

awards & publications


ziwa 2021, 2018

ZIWA International Awards honored us once again, with Best Wedding Planner 2021 for our Country, following the same recognition in 2018. An encapsulated representation of what we do, and the love we share with our adventurous clients.

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Here you will be able to find our badges of honor and a selection of our published work, as seen in BRITISH VOGUE, THE LANE, STYLE ME PRETTY, JUNEBUG WEDDINGS, GREEN WEDDING SHOES, SIMPLESMENTE BRANCO, online and digital magazines, blogs and other platforms. 






Feel free to send us a message! We are all always available to answer questions and it will be our pleasure to converse.


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