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What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a professional that helps engaged couples with the process of planning their wedding, assisting and guiding them throughout the decision making until the actual day.

   Part of the wedding planner's consultancy includes defining a concept, searching and selecting venues that fit the criteria for the your wedding needs, as well as suggesting suppliers, services and all items necessary for your wedding to be your own.

   During the accompanying, the wedding planner will provide the couple with all of the spreadsheets related to budgeting, timelines, checklists, and other items necessary to ease up the process.

   Also, it is the wedding planner's job to contact all of the suppliers included in the wedding planning process, besides coordinating the teams all along the planning, and before, during and after the wedding day.

   Nevertheless, the most important trace of a wedding planner, is to create a relationship with the couple, so they feel safe and understood in all matters related to their wedding.


what is your starting price?

We do not have a starting price. Our quotations are customs-made to your wedding day needs, and are based on location, number of guests and other very important questions that we will ask you on our first meeting.  




why hire a wedding planner?

Wedding planners are often hired by couples who work long hours and have little time available, or that don't live on the location where the wedding is taking place. Nonetheless, a wedding planner should be a requirement to all couples, regardless of the time available to participate on the wedding organization.

   The wedding planning process is complicated, stressful and sometimes there are just too many options. For a couple that does not know where to start, what to look for, or how much to spent, the decision making can be tricky. That is why hiring a wedding planner is an asset!

   Sure it can cost you, but this investment will pay itself of with the providing of less expensive solutions for all areas of the wedding, and with the expertise that will help you with logistics that will allow couples to not have to pay the "extras" on the wedding day.

   Most importantly, with a wedding planner, you know that your day will be exactly what you asked for!



Yes. After you approve our proposal, we will send you a service agreement with all of the details related to our service. 


how long before should we hire you?

Recently engaged couples sometimes have the feeling that they need to check all options before contacting a wedding planner. That is not the case at all!

As soon as you make the decision of getting married, you should also start thinking of hiring a wedding planner - which in this case would be Us!


how much for a wedding?

You probably hear this all the time but it really fluctuates. Depending on the number of guests, location, suppliers and well... your expectations!

With TALES, all of our weddings are tailor-made, custom to your identity as a couple, and, for this reason, we are unable to give you a specific cost. 

So first, what you need to do is - define your dreams and adjust your priorities. We are here to help you with budgeting, and to answer all the questions you might have during the wedding planning process!




we live abroad. how do we work with you?


do you coordinate more than one wedding a day?

 We like to think that we work with exclusive suppliers, instead of exclusively selected suppliers. All the suggestions we make are based on high-quality vendors that will help us get the wedding of your dreams.

Nonetheless, if you have a supplier that you already hired, or that you would really want to have on your wedding day, we can accommodate the request.

We love to work with couples from all around the globe! And because we know that your schedule might not be the same as ours, we are available to Skype/Whatsapp, to e-mail back and forward, and to give you a call whenever it is necessary. Always accommodating your time zone!

No, no, no! Your wedding day is yours only.


do you have an event team?



DID NOT FIND what you were looking for?

Yes! We have a team of 2 that usually does the organization, and based on the number of guests, we increase the team for the coordination of your wedding day. 

 No. Our weddings take place in Portugal regardless on the location!

Feel free to send us a message! We all always available to answer questions and it will be our pleasure to chat!


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