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We believe that important life events ought be celebrated in the most breathtaking and personal way. At TALES we create an environment of intimacy that allows for our clients to collaborate with us in the search for utmost authenticity - the essence that will make their celebrations timeless and utterly emotive.

As a wedding company, we accept only a select number of events each year to ensure that all our clients get our undivided attention. See below how we can help.





From concept to creation, our wedding consultation produces bespoke events that translate into ambiances with ineffable sensorial experiences. Our extensive know-how, detailed level of care and attentive consultation, provides comprehensive organization for multi--day celebrations engraved with character and authenticity. Our advisory caters to the needs of our clients, as we hand-select artists in the wedding industry to guarantee that their essence is captured and fully represented. Our wedding planning process is insightful and light, creating effortless and adventurous experiences for curious couples and their guests, culminating in beautiful memories of eerie and sophisticated wedding events.


Through artful curation, we convey poetic and distinctive atmospheres to wedding events, weaved by a creative concept that focuses on our clients' vision. Our styling is intentional, thought out, created by an experienced team that designs sincere and sensorial ambiances. From movement to light, texture to color, sound and objects to feeling. Our styling is organic and alluring, and we speak in a visual language that is complemented by sample imagery, an inspirational moodboard and a design proposal, nuanced with 

materials, color schemes, florals and an engaging narrative.

@Sandie Boloto


@Sandie Boloto


While crafting uniquely custom pieces, TALES offers a set of designing solutions that complement the concept of any event. From beautiful wedding invitations to wedding menus, seating charts, place cards and all the special details that need to be enhanced. Our collections are free in format and style, with genuine finishes that elevate the production of all chosen materials. Our artwork is not limited to calligraphy, illustrations or modern design, as it is highly interlaced with the vision of our client and the heritage that comes with them.


Whether you know what you are looking for or you don't have a clue where to begin, we would love the opportunity to collaborate while creating something truly special. As for your reference, please find signs of appreciation from our joyful couples.


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